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Zendesk to Salesforce Migration

  • Data migration – Account, Case, Comment, Attachment, Articles
  • Service Cloud Setup and Process Migration
  • Build a Customer Help Center using Digital Site

Salesforce & Quickbooks Integration

  • Create Account, Product, Invoice and Estimate
  • Update the estimate and invoce
  • Sync changes from Quickbooks to Salesforce

Digital Sites (Communities) Implementation

  • Customer Help Center (Case, Knowledge, Account Management)
  • Partner Community for channels, resellers and vendors
  • B2B Seller Portal (Catalogue, Pricing and Artifacts Management)

Einstein Bot – WhatsApp and Web Integration

  • Design Einstein Bot
  • Integration with different channels – WhatsApp, Web
  • Enable AI using intent and machine learning​

Einstein Analytics – Now Tableau CRM

  • Build dashboards on local Data
  • Integrate with other systems to pull data
  • Data transformation and advance reporting using SAQL

Aura & VF to LWC Migration

  • Analyze the existing Visualforce and Aura Components
  • Migrate them to LWC
  • Optimize the design and structure & Analyze performance