Top five problem using delegated approval in Salesforce

What is delegated approval and when it is enabled?

When your team’s member goes on out of office, we can choose a user to receive his approval requests over a predefined time period. Delegated approvers are helpful when the original approver can’t respond to approvals, such as during a vacation.

Known Challenges

Before enabling it, please go throw below given implications:

  • Approvers using Public Groups cannot be populated as the Delegate Approver. 
  • An Approver can only have one Delegate Approver at a time.
  • An Approval record is created when a record is Submitted for Approval and meets the criteria of an Approval Rule. 
  • Behind Approval records is a tight security schema, which can make them difficult to maneuver.
  • Only users with one of the following settings are able to Reassign, Approve, or Reject Approval records: “Modify All Data”, “Assigned To User”, A member of the “Assigned To Group”.