What Does The Term Wrapper Class Mean In Salesforce Apex?

A wrapper class in Salesforce Apex refers to a class, data structure, or abstract data type that encompasses various objects or collections of objects within its structure.

A wrapper class is essentially a custom object created by a programmer, defining its properties according to specific needs. In Salesforce, when we think of a custom object, it typically includes fields of various data types. Similarly, a wrapper class is a custom class that incorporates diverse data types or properties based on specific requirements. It allows us to encapsulate different object types or other types within a single wrapper class.

In the example below, we’ve crafted a custom list containing two distinct data types.

public class wrapper {
      public void callwrapper(){
        List<wrapperclass> lst=new List<wrapperclass>();
          contact cnn=[select id,firstname from contact limit 1];
        for(Account acc_new:[select id,name from Account]){
          wrapperclass obj=new wrapperclass(acc_new);
           wrapperclass obj1=new wrapperclass(cnn);
      public class wrapperclass{
            public string name;
            public wrapperclass(Account x1){
            public wrapperclass(contact x1){

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