What is Hyperforce in Salesforce

1. Hyperforce is a major infrastructure-level change. Instead of managing first party data centers, Salesforce will leverage major public clouds (AWS to begin with) to offer different salesforce services.
2. Customers don’t have to worry about existing customizations or integrations in their orgs. In short, If it works today, it will work when their orgs are migrated on Hyperforce.
3. Existing Salesforce features & functionalities will not be depreciated as a result of the transition to Hyperforce.
4. (Migrating to) Hyperforce does not bring any additional costs to customers. It will not impact licensing costs either.
5. Salesforce is gradually bringing different salesforce services to Hyperforce. Some services are already live in some regions. For example – salesforce core services in India and Australia, CDP in Germany & USA. Depending on the availability of a particular salesforce service in a particular region on Hyperforce, customers can decide if they wish their salesforce org(s) to be in this region.
6. The word “Public” in Public Cloud does not make salesforce services or data any less secure in the hyperforce architecture.
7. Hyperforce will offer more scalability to customers. It may also mean (*as a forward looking statement) that an org’s governor limits can temporarily expand to meet the scale required.