Best Way to Pull Report of All Pending Approval Requests in Salesfore


  • Goal is to get list of all pending approval requests.
  • Be able to know the current approver.
  • Be able to know Elapsed time.


1ST APPROACH – Standard Report Type
  • Report tab –> New Report –> Select report type “All Pending Approval Requests”.
  • This report type will be only available if your profile has access “View All Data”.
  • This report type provides Current Approver.
  • This report type does not provide Elapsed time.
2ND APPROACH – Custom Report Type
  • Create a new report type: Setup –> Report Type –> New –> Select Object “Process Instance” and “Process Instance” under this.
  • This report type does not provide Current Approver.
  • This report type provides Elapsed time.
  • Build a new Report using this new report type.

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