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How To Disable Two Factor Authentication in Salesforce

Hello there!

If you’re using the Salesforce Developer Edition for development and finding that every time you log in from different computers, you’re prompted for a two-factor authentication code (OTP) sent to your email, it might not be your cup of tea. One way to handle this is by granting NETWORK ACCESS, allowing IP range access to bypass the OTP requirement. However, there’s another option available—you can actually disable Salesforce’s two-factor authentication altogether.

Allow Me To Explain The Process of Disabling Two Factor Authentication in Salesforce:

  1. Navigate to SETUP and search for ‘session settings’.
  1. Scroll to the ‘Session Security Levels’ section.

3. Choose ‘Two-factor authentication’ under the ‘High Assurance’ section.

4. Now, select ‘Remove’, followed by clicking on ‘Save’.

That’s all! You won’t need a one-time password anymore. Enjoy!