Navigating Campaigns In Salesforce – An Overview

What is Campaign Management

The campaign is often overlooked in the array of tools available in Salesforce. It acts as a sort of organizational container for related marketing goals. By utilizing a Campaign record, you can efficiently bring together marketing resources and prospective clients, aiding in planning and progress evaluation.

Marketers use campaigns to monitor metrics such as leads generated, pipelines, and closed sales resulting from their marketing activities.

A useful guideline is to utilize a campaign when there’s financial investment involved, as campaigns excel in tracking return on investment (ROI).

Below are a Few Examples of Campaigns Being Utilized

Some realtime use cases:

  • Events, Conferences, and Trade Shows
  • Email Marketing
  • Webinars
  • Direct Mail Promotions
  • Ad Banners
  • Telemarketing or Calling Campaigns
  • Public Affairs

Understand associated Salesforce Objects and Schema

Create a new Campaign in Salesforce

  • Select “New” within the Campaigns tab.
  • Provide a name for the campaign.
  • Select a campaign type, such as email, webinar, conference, or advertisement.
  • Choose a campaign status.
  • Enter an estimated Budgeted Cost and Expected Revenue.
  • Include a description.
  • Click on “Save.”

Campaign Member: the Connection Between Campaigns and Leads/Contacts?

A campaign is linked to a Lead and Contact via the Campaign Member Object. The Campaign Member Responded field indicates whether a lead or contact has engaged with your marketing message, as its name implies. This capability allows you to filter out unresponsive leads and focus on nurturing those who have interacted with your message.

Creating a Campaign and Linking Leads with Apex

//First Step to create a new campaign and Insert it 
Campaign cm = new Campaign(name='Any Name', isactive=true); 
insert cm; 
//Now Create a new lead and Insert it 
lead l = new lead(lastname='new lead test',company='new'); 
insert l; 
// Now we have to create a campaign member which will connect campaign and lead together and insert the campaignmember 
campaignmember mem = new campaignmember(campaignid =,leadid =; 
insert mem;

Campaign Member Limitation

Each record is assigned a unique ID and can only contain either a ContactId or a LeadId, not both simultaneously.

Although an attempt to combine both IDs into a single record is technically possible, only the ContactId is actually entered. However, within a Campaign, you can create two separate records: one for the Lead and another for the Contact.

Campaign Limitations

To perform actions like creating, updating, or deleting a Campaign, the “Marketing User” checkbox on the User record must be selected. Additionally, there are restrictions such as a maximum of 250 leads/contacts that can be added from a view and a limit of 50,000 leads/contacts per import file.


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