How Salesforce Generates Love, Support and Respect Apart From Great Sales And Revenue!!

As we know Salesforce is synonym of success in the world of cloud technology and CRM platforms. A great platform that puts smile on everyone’s face – organization, customer, vendor, contractor and developers. It creates a unique ecosystem of diversified stakeholders with common goals of achieving great success!

But does it only generate sales and revenue?!!, of course not!

A Salesforce kid

When I started my career, I was forced to opt the Salesforce as I had no other option – company hired me for .Net and put me in Salesforce – I was devastated to hear the word “Salesforce” due to assumption that I’m gonna forced to do some non-technical sales stuffs – may be cold calls, bidding etc. But I found it interesting in just one week and turned into my passion in just few months!

Kid in the family

Down the line, when I started working in GrazittI Interactive, I got an opportunity to work with great team who loved this technology in the same way I did. I remember how we used to use Salesforce technical words while eating, talking and walking around. It was fun to use it to crack the jokes, throw the sarcasm and sometime to motivate too. I really thank Vishal Sharma, Bikram Thapa, Sahil Bansal, Mudit Garg, Jaimal Singh, Atul Sharma and Samira Mirza for those initial days! We all know we become kind of human whatever we have been fed as kid! I’m glad I was taught support, love, respect and dignity apart from coding and English speaking tips 🙂

Kid is young now!

Later, in 2017, I was promoted/assigned as Lead and my real evolution to become a good human started. I struggled here a lot! you know it’s easy to learn complex coding algorithms but tough to change yourself! But once you start and work, things come automatically. In few years, I controlled my anger management, developed go-giver attitude, balanced my emotional intelligence to become a good leader and ladder for my team.


Backbone!! you may be wondering why “Backbone” all of sudden! Well, it’s nickname of my team and my immediate subordinates. They are the most lovable & important people of my professional life. They help me, support me, trust me, sometimes teach me – to learn and develop curiosity, integrity, drive, resilience, emotional awareness and technical depth. We together not only put smile on face of customers but also bring happiness, joy and smile in our team & company.

Ayush Sharma, Paramvir Singh, Mohd Rizvan, Varinder Kaur, Shashikala Tiwari, Sushil Bhardwaj, Shiana, Arvind Thakur! – you all are more than just a team member!

Apart from that, all other members of our small family- Kamal Arora, Faizan Ansai, Sadiq, Saurabh, Tanuj, Sadiq Ansari, Sushant Arora, Saurav Sankyan Saurabh Verma, Shubham, Mayank Saxena, Vinod Kumar, Rajendra, Sejal, Aman Kumar Manish, Antariksh, Sonu Sagar, Sharndeep, Yashvi Garg, Tripti Bhalla, Rahul Narang, Ankit Gupta, Mridul, Dilbag, Aman Goel and Amitesh. Thanks for always being willing to lend a hand.

Great Grazittian!!

Extensively, how can I forget my ultimate, special and nice colleagues – you are awsome.

Ravideep, Sahil, Mudit, Tushar, Nipun Garg, Aman Malik, Harshita Joshi, Tariq, Sultan, Mohit Gupta, Bharat Arora, Gaurav Bhalla, Kartik, Anmol Baweja, Samta Singla, Hanisha, Oshin, Akash Kamra, Sandeep, Rahul Gupta, Shraddha, Prashant, Ankit, Ashish, Bharti Pathan, Romita Arora, Arpit Arora, Hari Singh, Vijay Sharma, Mukul Bansal and Arun Sharma.

I am really proud of you all and appreciate how you are consistently so warm, and helpful to me, my team and our customers. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have a great colleagues like you.

Thank you so much! Keep Rocking!