Salesforce Diagramming Framework

Diagrams help drive key project decisions, align delivery teams, and help everyone understand where you’re going and what’s been done.

Consistent, easy-to-understand diagrams are a critical part of project success. But there hasn’t been guidance from Salesforce on how to build great diagrams until now.


1. You are managing a hierarchy of diagrams and there are relationships between the diagrams

2. The diagrams do not sit in isolation as there are relationships to other assets

3. The diagrams are living documents that will evolve so they need to support collaboration and versioning

Salesforce Diagrams follows the C4 Model approach, which means that there are 4 different level diagrams.

  • Level 1: The big picture. The systems landscape
  • Level 2: A piece of the whole. A subset of the landscape
  • Level 3: Process or interaction view. A limited view of the technologies in a solution
  • Level 4: Double click. The data model showing just the objects involved

Some recommended tools: