Allow Guest Users to log a Case using Salesforce Site/Experience Cloud


If you have enabled Contact Support page in community but when guest user tries to access it throws error or redirect to login experience.


There are following things we need to verify in order to make it working.

  1. Case Object Create Access
  2. Give Access to Support API
    • Click the gear icon, then click Setup.
    • Enter Digital Experiences in the Quick Find box, then click on All Sites.
    • Click Workspaces next to the site in which you want your Guest Users to log Cases via ‘Contact Support.’
    • From the Experience Workspaces page, click on Administration.
    • Click on Pages.
    • Click on Go to
    • On the ‘Sites Detail’ section, click Edit.
    • Select Guest Access to the Support API.
    • Add ‘NewCase’, or a custom quick action to add Cases, to the ‘Selected Quick Actions.’
    • Click on Save.
  3. Verify the Quick Action configured for Guest User using Site Builder
    • Go to Setup –> Site –> Click Builder for the site.
    • Open Contact Support Page and double click on component.
    • It will show the design properties as below and make sure that a quick action is added for the guest user.