Modal created using the Lightning OverlayLibrary

Starting from Salesforce Spring ’18, the lightning:overlayLibrary tag was introduced to display messages using modals and popovers. This component requires API version 41.0 or later and is not supported in lightning applications. It is only supported in Salesforce Lightning Experience, Console, and Communities. In the following example, the components used are: Component – Sample JavaScript …

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Generate a hyperlink to a recordId in a Lightning Aura Component

The lightning:formattedUrl component renders a hyperlink with an href attribute, presenting a read-only representation of a URL. The URL can be either relative or absolute. Code Example: <aura:component> <aura:attribute name=”recordId” type=”String” default=”0063X0000146rTLQAY”/> <lightning:formattedUrl value=”{!’/’ + recordId}” tooltip=”Opportunity” label=”Opportunity” target=”_blank” /> </aura:component>